Paper manufacture has come a long way.  Now you can have recyled paper that looks like virgin stock, and paper from sustainable sources that has that sleek gloss finish.

Uncoated Paper
The most basic form of paper, used mainly for writing on too and therefore ideal for forms and letterheadings. These papers are also good for effects like reproducing watercolours. These papers can also reproduce photography but care must be taken as the effect is not a like for like of a commercial photograph due to its unevenness of surface.

Coated Paper
This is uncoated paper with a coating that makes the surface of the paper very smooth and is produced in matt, silk and gloss finishes. These papers are ideal for photographs, illustrations and solid and strong colours.

Speciality Papers
These papers show the art of the paper maker at its best, with their special textures and finishes. These papers are excellent for special projects that need to stand out from the crowd. Can be quite expensive, but worth it.


We're always happy to advise on the best paper for your print work.


so many kinds of paper...what's right for me?

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