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what you need to tell us for your quote...

Leaflets -

Trimmed to flat size A4 (297 x 210mm) or A5 (210 x 148mm)

A3 (420mm x 297mm flat size) and folded down to 210 x 99mm or 210 x 148mm

Full colour, spot inks or b&w'


Flyers -

Trimmed to flat size A4 (297 x 210mm or A5 (210 x 148mm) or 1/3 A4 (210 x 99mm)
Printed one or both sides
Full colour, spot inks or b&w'


Possible papers & weight:

Special finishes & virgin responsibly sourced papers also available
Paper weights: 115gsm (reasonable paper weight), 130gsm (a bit heavier), and 130gsm is the most commonly used for leaflets and flyers,

200gsm (heavy paper), 250gsm (medium card), 350gsm (heavy card).
100% recycled silk, gloss or uncoated for both litho and digital print


130gsm is the most commonly used for leaflets and flyers

Usually A4 size (297 x 210mm)
Paper: uncoated (to suit writing and printing onto), 100% recycled or virgin, responsibly sourced or Conqueror quality, plain wove or textured effects available.
Full colour or mono, single or double sided
Business Cards
Size circa 55mm x 90mm
Full colour or mono
Single or double sided
Litho or digitally printed depending on number required

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leaflets and flyers
business stationery
books and booklets
other... general info

What we need to know to give you a quote...
Page size
Number of pages
Whether contents printed just in black, or with a colour section or full colour throughout
Cover: whether printed both inside and out (4 pages) or just outside (the front and back cover). Full colour or mono.
Options to laminate outer cover in gloss, silk or matt or alternatively matt or gloss varnish seal.
Binding - 2 wire stiched at spine and folded in half (booklet), perfect bound (contents glued into square spine as paperback book), comb or wiro bound (for manuals, cookbooks etc).

Even for the most basic quote the most essential things to tell us are...

How many you want - you would be surprised how often this gets missed out!

Finished size

How many pages

Is the item colour or mono

Paper manufacture has come a long way. Now you can have recyled paper that looks like virgin stock, and paper from sustainable sources that has that sleek gloss finish. ​

Uncoated Paper The most basic form of paper, used mainly for writing on too and therefore ideal for forms and letterheadings. These papers are also good for effects like reproducing watercolours. These papers can also reproduce photography but care must be taken as the effect is not a like for like of a commercial photograph due to its unevenness of surface.

Coated Paper This is uncoated paper with a coating that makes the surface of the paper very smooth and is produced in matt, silk and gloss finishes. These papers are ideal for photographs, illustrations and solid and strong colours. Speciality Papers These papers show the art of the paper maker at its best, with their special textures and finishes. These papers are excellent for special projects that need to stand out from the crowd. Can be quite expensive, but worth it. We're always happy to advise on the best paper for your print work

so many kinds of paper...what's right for me?

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