What makes us an environmentally responsible printer ?

It's true that printing isn't the most eco-friendly industry with the main impact of being an “environmental” printer  in the areas of chemical use, energy use, waste etc. These standards are invisible in the final product, but they are the ones that count.


We've been taking our environmental responsibility seriously since we started up in 1990!


What we are working on -


  • constantly reducing our negative environmental impacts

  • contributing to the quality of the human environment locally

  • we use 100% local renewable energy and we continue to work on reducing our energy consumption

  • all waste is collected and 95% or more is re-used or recycled

  • we use vegetable oil-based inks as standard and safer, more environmentally friendly press washes

  • We look to use equipment and printing strategies which reduce paper waste and energy use

  • We have financially supported projects for re-forestation, health, youth and child welfare and a disaster relief team.

  • We use paperstock that is recycled and/or responsibly sourced


We're probably the only print company in the UK that runs 100% off wind power!

Does being environmental mean higher prices, coarse paper and washed out ink colours?

No, no and no! We don’t charge a premium for recycled paper. In fact we can supply recycled papers at the same cost or cheaper than most grades of virgin paper. The recycled stocks we use are of excellent quality and difficult to distinguish from virgin grades. (If you want the ‘recycled look’ we can supply stock to suit also). We supply Cocoon 100 silk, gloss, uncoated offset & premium uncoated, all 100% recycled, as our standard stock papers, and of course, we are happy to use any type of paper or board that is commercially available from responsible merchants and mills. The vegetable oil based inks we use as standard are equivalent in performance and printed result to mineral oil based inks.


For myths and facts about recycled papers and information about how to be more ecological in your design and print choices please click the title to read "Print, Paper and the Environment"

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